Lunch Packing Instructions

Sunshine's Lunch Packing Instructions
1.    Main Entrée:
•  Sandwich                •  Lunchable
•  Pasta                        •  Trader Joe’s Salad or Wrap
•  Salami & Cheese + Crackers
•  Other approved main entrée
2.     Dairy:
•  Yogurt
•  Gogurt
•  String cheese
•  Milk or Chocolate milk
•  Yogurt drink

3.     Fruits/Veggies (Pack 2)
•  Piece of fruit (any)
•  Canned fruit (mandarin oranges, pineapple, etc.)
•  Apple sauce
•  Bagged veggies/fruits (baby carrots, grapes, red pepper slices)

4.     Chips/extra
•  crackers
•  chips
•  Goldfish
•  pretzels
•  granola bar

5.    Dessert/Treat
•  Oreos/other cookies (2-3)
•  Tigers Milk bar
•  Caramel sauce with apple slices
•  Candy (if you have from some event)

6.     Snacks/Extra
•  Chose any extra item from 2, 3, or 4

Don’t forget water bottle, napkin, and spoon/fork (as needed)!

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  1. OMGoodness Sunshine! I live this idea! I'm fired up to reorganize and bag up items fr the week. I'm tired of the mad morning scramble to get lunches together! Yay! I'm excited!
    Thanks for the tip!
    Pam Hoffhous

  2. Love it Audrey. I am thinking that adding dried fruit would be great or trail mix

  3. Viv - Yes, dried fruit & trail mix are great add-ons! Also, soups in a thermos (once it gets colder). Thanks for sharing!
    Whoopsy -- Let me know how it goes! I have been feeling MUCH more peaceful in the morning! I forgot to say that I have zip locks (that I re-use) labeled with their name/day that they transfer into their lunch box the afternoon/evening before. This week, the boys packed Tues-Thurs on Monday afternoon. They put Tuesday in their lunch boxes and Wed/Thurs in zip locks. It's working really well!