Benefits of Camp

Read here about some of the MANY benefits of attending camp!

Parking the Helicopter
Letting your kids go - and grow - by sending them to camp!

Get Unplugged
More reasons to love our electronics-free philosophy!

The Gift of Childhood Memories
Thought on the best gifts we give our children.

The Power of Camp
Ammunition to explain to your friends why you send your children to camp.

Camp:  A Much-Needed Break from Cell Phones
Why we are an electronics-free camp.

Is Your Child Ready for Camp?
Camp expert Bob Ditter's check list for determining camp readiness.

"Kidsickness":  Help for First-Time Camp Parents
The first year at camp is harder on parents than it is on kids.  Read some tips for coping here!

Camp:  One Solution for Parenting Challenges
Read about how camp can help with these parenting challenges:
•  Too much screen time, not enough outside time.
•  Helping kids become independent adults.
•  Too much competition.
•  Finding good friends.

The Blessing of the Least Favorite Activity
Why even the least favorite activities at camp benefit kids.

Friends: Finding Gold in a Plastic Era
Read about the true friendship found at camp.

Teaching Kids Teamwork:  Teaching kids to be cooperative and team-focused in a competitive, self-focused world.

Teaching Kids Kindness:  How we work on developing campers' kindness skills at camp.

Richard Louv's Thoughts about Camp:  The author of Last Child in the Woods talks about camp.  

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