August 9, 2011

Getting Comfortable with our Children's Discomfort

I just listened to this podcast and thought I'd pass it along. Nurse Rona Renner and Dr. Christine Carter have a great reminder for parents. Sometimes, we need to encourage our kids to do things, even when they are expressing discomfort, because of the growth that can occur for them.

Since I had a "front row" seat to this story, I just want to say that Dr. Carter handled her daughter's discomfort very well!

When you're faced with one of those moments as a parent when you have to decide, "Do I push this and make him/her try it or not?," remember to think about the big picture of your child's development. Many things that are good for our children are not easy or comfortable at first, so sometimes we have to be okay with our kids feeling uncomfortable, anxious, and unhappy in order for them to have the opportunity to grow.

Talking about Summer Camp podcast:

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